• Small Group Training (Plan Be)

    A FITNESS Revolution that REALLY works

    Why Express Training?

    • It has been proven that training in small groups improves performance; the better you perform, the faster you'll hit your goal!
    • It's more cost effective than 1:1 Personal Training in a Gym environment.
    • You can share your successes and concerns with your coach.
    • Brett has had experience of training in Small Groups for many years - IT WORKS!
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  • What's involved?

    Personal Coaching & Training

    In Detail

    "Plan Be" is a Personal Coaching Tool based in AYLESBURY, Buckinghamshire (UK), run by Personal Trainer Brett Collier, for you to achieve the goals that can transform you into the best YOU, you can be.


    Once you have discussed your goals with Brett, you will join him and he will become your "Plan Be" Coach and you will work on your goals together.


    Along with your coach will be on hand to guide you through the process to become the person you aspire to be.


    Your goals could be anything from Weight Loss, Body Toning, Confidence Issues, Post-Natal Fat Loss, Sports Training, Nutritional Management or Motivation and Psychological Focus.


    Brett Collier

    Head Coach & 'Plan Be' Creator

    Having worked for some of the countries leading Health & Fitness brands I've learned what works.


    As a Personal Trainer, Wellbeing Advisor and Personal Development Coach, Plan Be is absolutely the most effective way of achieving your goals.


    Whether it's about Weight Loss, Sports Performance, self confidence or just staying FIT and Healthy - Plan Be will get you, where you want to be.

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